We are Twisted Forge Studios.

Our effort is to innovate and create entertaining

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Chris Koehler – Technical Advisor


Rory Decker – Technical Advisor

Who We Are…

     Twisted Forge Studios is a creative mobile games and entertainment studio. Our company is based out of Oxnard, California. Twisted Forge Studios began producing our first game in August 2016 with two artists and two programmers. With the creation Of Twisted Christmas, Twisted Forge Studios immersed itself into mobile game design. Our goal is to provide mobile games that are full of fun, adventure and action.


     At Twisted Forge Studios we work as a collaborative team in game design and development. Our team gets a kick out of making games that others can enjoy and we have a great time doing it.


     Twisted Forge Studios’ latest game project has been creating Raptor Defense for your gaming pleasure. Raptor defense is a new mobile adventure where you are on a mission to protect the earth from an alien attack using your arsenal of specialized weapons; shoot tanks, protect grounded aircraft, defend your city and defeat the enemy.


     It was a day like any other day for Captain Bridges until the call came across the wire that parts of the world were being attacked by unknown forces. Captain Bridges and his team of top gun pilots are the only thing protecting the earth from hordes of lethal alien forces bent on death and destruction. These highly skilled and sophisticated groups of aliens are equipped with advanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons but as the world’s most highly trained pilot; you are the only hope!

     Twisted Forge Studios welcomes you to our company and hope you enjoy the content that we provide. Game on!